“To the wrongs that need resistance, to the right that needs assistance, to the future in the distance, give yourselves.”
– Carrie Chapman Catt


Black, Brown, and Beige
Arts Showcase

Are you a creative of color who wants to share your talents with the world? YOU’RE IN LUCK! The Next Gen Come Up is planning a massive black and brown arts showcase that will take place in mid-AUGUST and is looking for talent to highlight! Whether you draw, paint, dance, write, act, sing, rap, sew, or strut, we have a place for you on The Next Gen Come Up stage.

Band Performing on Stage


The Next Gen Come Up is an organization that has been encouraging young people to pursue activism, explore community service,
and raise awareness through creativity
since 2018. Through everything from written works, artwork, and film projects, to community outreach events and engagements, The Next Gen Come Up strives to grow a platform that sparks conversations about everything from the most relatable teen dilemmas to the headlining socio-political issues affecting our generation.
Our goal has always been to create a community of like-minded teen leaders who can come together on a platform, express their opinions, create awesome things, and strike real change in their communities! So we hope that you join us on our journey and become a part of the TNGCU family.