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The #MyRedStripes

October 24, 2020

In 2019, Nadya Okamoto – the founder of Period Inc. – announced that period Inc. would be hosting the first-ever National Period Day in New York City. Unable to attend, Anya Dillard was eager to do something to show her support of the cause. After taking time to brainstorm, Anya  was inspired to create something that would get people of all genders talking about period poverty, and that would help young girls feel empowered and proud of their menses rather than ashamed of them. With some tape, a red table cloth, some red lipstick, and a supportive dad with a camera, Anya created the #MyRedStripes Campaign. 


Click the image above to see Anya's original post.

The striking image inspired hundreds of students throughout her school community to start speaking more openly about feminine hygiene and menstruation, and inspired Anya to start calling herself an “image activist” — someone who utilizes their creative visionary talents to create polarizing media that pulls societal norms apart, sparks controversial dialogue, and helps to educate the masses.” After the campaign blew up, Anya partnered with the Nu Theta Omega Girls Step Team to host weekly bake sales to help raise money to provide teen girls in Ghana with feminine hygiene products.

In 2020, after becoming her school's 3rd-back Student Council President, Anya decided to make #MyRedStripes an annual social media challenge by recreating the iconic 2019 image with Tyra Hughes, Christina Sarkes, and Olivia Lewis who were all members of her student council cabinet. Their cabinet made history in 2020 by becoming the first all female all POC student council cabinet EVER at West Orange High School. 


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