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TNGCU for Breonna Taylor

October 24, 2020

7 months after Breonna Taylor lost her life to Louisville Metro police officers, The Next Gen Come up began planning to have an in person vigil to not only keep the momentum of the Black Lives matter movement in the community alive, but to honor Breonna Taylor's life as well. However, in the midst of the planning process, the media began ranting about the sudden increase in COVID cases that was slowly overtakin North Jersey. After deciding that an in-person rally would be too risky, Emily Cardona (TNGCU's social media manager and creative curator) suggested that they host a virtual vigil. 

Through engaging speakers, music, spoken word poetry, and open discussions, TNGCU brought their community a virtual piece of the revolution via a live zoom session and facebook live stream. Spoken word poets Olivia Ridley and Bratz Poetry, West Orange Town Councilwoman Tammy Wiliams, and local rapper King Artist took the virtual stage to express their experiences as people of color and express their reverence for Breonna Taylor and her story. The event got amazing feedback and audience participation, and helped to continue raising awareness for the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement, demanding that justice be served for the innocent victims of police brutality, and empowering the members of the West Orange community to be leaders and advocates for the underrepresented.

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