Community Outreach

Protests, Functions, and Fundraisers

West orange Youth Caucus #BLM Protest 

Founder Anya Dillard, alongside her peers, organizes a Black Lives Matter protest in their town of West Orange, New Jersey. What was meant to be an opportunity for the students and families of West orange to voice their disappointment with the law enforcement system of America turned into one of the largest protests to ever take place in the West Orange history. Read about the organizers, hear the most iconic speeches from the protest, and become familiar with what the group is doing to continue their work towards reform and legistlative change

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COVID Kindness Campaign

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the nation, many adolescents and geriatric nursing homes have prohibited outside visitors, which prevents young and elderly patients from seeing their loved ones. Understanding how lonely this can make a hospital environment, Anya Dillard created an amazing campaign called "Kindness Through COVID" that allows people all over her community, as well as the world, to send some positivity their way.

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Nu Theta Omega Tackled Period Poverty

Anya Dillard, a member became a member of the female step team at her school and wanted her sisters to become representatives for something even bigger than their performances. With her help, Nu Theta Omega, the female step team of West orange Highschool in New Jersey, spent months hosting bake sales and raising money to provide high school girls in Ghana with feminine hygiene products and to advocate for the tax on period products to be eliminated worldwide.

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2019 West Orange High School Climate Strke 

Anya Dillard and a group of her fellow opeers heard that there would be a Global Climate Strike. When they found that their school was not organizing an observance for the momentous occasion, they did it themselves and organized a walkout on the day of the climate strike. Skipping their class periods for the rest of the school day, Anya and her peers delivered speeches and marched laps around the track lining their football field. Click here to learn more about their efforts.

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2019 Back to School Drive

CEO of The Next Gen Come Up Anya Dillard) and her little brother Avery hosted a 'back to school' backpack and school supply drive at Sierra House - an non profit organization dedicated to​ providing housing, education, and community services, to young, low to moderate income mothers and their children. Supplies like notebooks, pencil cases, coloring books, and crayons could be found in each back pack with a special, individualized letter for each child - one encouraging them to have an amazing school year.

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