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Shanelle Chambliss

Assistant Director of Community Outreach


Shanelle Chambliss is currently a senior at West Orange Highschool. She values integrity, respect, and the power of an amazing team. Throughout her high school career, Shanelle displayed great leadership qualities both in and out of the classroom.

In her years as a member of Air Force Junior ROTC, Shanelle has been the squadron’s Plans Officer, Operations NCO, and Academic Team commander. There were all positions that required her to be a transparent and patient leader who was willing to put the team before herself. Shanelle was also a Co-Captain of Nu Theta Omega, West Orange High School’s female step team, for 2 years and is currently a Captain. As a leader, she understands the value of each individual on the team and strives for self-improvement as well as the betterment of others. She approaches challenges with an open mind and passion to succeed, and she looks forward to working with TNGCU as an Assistant Director of Community Outreach, making new memories, and utilizing her talents to mobilize youth and strike change in communities nationwide

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