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Emily Cardona

Director of Artistic Outreach & Social Media Manager


Emily (a.k.a. Emm) Cardona is a 19-year-old poet. She is currently studying at Iona College as a media and strategic communications major. Born and raised in West Orange (“NJ JERSEY STAND UP‼️”) Emily started writing poetry about 4 years ago, and it’s become one of her greatest passions and a huge aspect of who she is as a young Latina woman. Emily says that poetry has always been her backbone when it comes to letting her emotions roam free and raising awareness for the causes she is passionate about.


Her poetry page (@poetry.princess_ on IG) is where she showcases her poems and some of her spoken word performances, as well as her IG Live Show "Open M.I.C. Lives." - a segment in which she dives deep into open discussions, powerful poems, and shares great vibes with her followers every Thursday. As a part of TNGCU, Emily is both a director of artistic outreach and social media manager. “I am forever grateful to be a part of this amazing team! Being a part of TNGCU is one of the best blessings to ever come into my life, and I think that us being a

dream team of change-makers it's truly beautiful! We're only going up from here, so y'all better get into it!” - Emily

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