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a multimedia-based magazine geared to provide a platform of expression for young people worldwide. By using the creative arts, this monthly magazine addresses everything from the most popular teen dilemmas to headlining political and social issues affecting young people.

November 2018

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For What?

I created The Next Gen Come Up because I believe we have the power to


RAISE our own Standards

Regardless of what society says about the “younger generation”, I believe we have the potential to be game changers, especially when it comes to social and political issues currently impacting our futures.

Above are my experiences performing with the WOHS Jubilee Choir, participating as a mentee ad ID Tech, and speaking at Viacom with BLACK GIRLS ROCK!

While I believe we have this incredible opportunity to push the needle, I also believe many of us are not paying close enough attention.

We are severely 

Tuned Out

I was born into a generation with a digital footprint of 92%. We expect instant gratification. We are impatient and restless, with 40% of us identifying as “digital addicts”.


Our generation is greatly affected by

self-obsession, the false security of a digital identity, and the ability to create false personas instead of perfecting our unique selves. The tune out is comfortable and at times, and slightly delusional. For we constantly view the world from a photoshopped perspective. However, with all of those issues aside, Gen Z is ahead of the game in many other ways.

We embrace individuality more than any other generation.

We are global thinkers with the ability to connect with our peers internationally...no matter their circumstances.

We also believe in the power of independent learning and utilize our digital prowess to investigate theories we may never have been exposed to otherwise.

We have the power of the “come up” -- we can be the generation known for encouraging each other and future generations to strive towards goals bigger than themselves, and more importantly, to provide each other with a peer-powered movement, that embraces creative expression, and transforms passion into progress. I myself have started to set standards for myself; to be more conscious, self-aware and focused on academic excellence, with an equally high regard for emotional intelligence and compassion as well.

I wanted my community outreach to go beyond my high school graduation requirements, and extend to become a part of my social responsibility. With that being said, I’m looking to build a

Come Up Crew of global, creative, bold, and courageous trailblazers who dare to be different.

So, welcome to the squad!




What can you expect from The Next Gen Come UP?

The Next Gen Come Up puts out new volumes every month from September to June. We cover everything from the most controversial teenage dilemmas, to various opinions on social issues that are making headlines!



We feature


Teen InfluencerS






TNGCU also displays video interviews, photos, motivational vision boards, and much more! The Next Gen Come Up utilizes multimedia to bring attention to the important topics that matter to our communities.

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